Beyoncé “4” (2011)

June 29, 2011

Key Tracks: "End of Time", "Run the World (Girls)", "Start Over"

First notes of 1+1, the new Beyoncé’s album opener, promise that 4 will be better than half-baked I Am… Sasha Fierce. You are wrong: it is much better. Knowles knows what is hot in music right now and she has harnessed the top producers to write some real good shit for her. The mentioned 1+1 is a proof that one of the biggest stars on the planet listens to indie. End of Time kicks off like a war march and is overall, well, brilliant. Run the World (Girls), the freakish lead single, has a chance to become a feminist anthem. Other gems include the inflaming Start Over (spot the Lykke Li moment) and the smart Countdown. 4 is a very solid and enjoyable feast with few missteps and the R&B diva’s best record to date.

hydrameter: 3/5

Key Tracks: 1+1, End of Time, Run the World (Girls)

Watch Run the World (Girls):


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