Gang Gang Dance “Eye Contact” (2011)

July 1, 2011

Uniqueness is a feature mentioned too often while talking about somebody’s music. Sooner or later you learn that what sounded original, had been explored by other band before. Excluding Gang Gang Dance, one of the most creative and best groups on this planet. GGD play electronic and experimental music and season it with some worldbeat elements. This course is delicious! They are fronted by Liz Bougatsos who has an unforgettable voice: so Björkish that she could be her younger sister. Eye Contact is the fifth album by GGD. No time to snore I tell ya. The opener Glass Jar breaks the rule to leave the most epic track for the end. It is a perfect tune to accustom yourself to the upcoming rapture. \infty, the first of three interludes, is odd: you can hear some guy reciting in (maybe) Latin. As much as it amazes, it also moves. The woman speaking on Chinese High is even more puzzling. Adult Goth has nothing of pseudogrimness; on the contrary, it’s full of different emotions. MindKilla is the centerpiece and the truly “pop” moment for Gang Gang Dance. Freaky and catchy as it takes you to another dimension. Finally, the mavericks have decided to finish this superb record with the greatest track, probably the biggest marvel of their career. It has two parts actually: start with \infty \infty \infty and get ready to shoot into space. Eye Contact is a work of genius and a treasure to be guarded in your heart.

hydrameter: 5/5

Key Tracks: \infty, \infty \infty \infty, Adult Goth, Chinese High, MindKilla, Thru and Thru

Watch MindKilla:


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