Bat for Lashes “Two Suns” (2009)

July 7, 2011

Two Suns, the second album by Bat for Lashes, was recorded with a special guest. I am not talking about Scott Walker who duets with Natasha Khan on The Big Sleep to close the Mercury Music Prize nominated LP. Let the girl speak for herself, though: My name is Pearl / And I love you the best way I know how / My blonde curls / Slice through your heart / When the sirens come calling / It won’t be long / Until you’re running! Pearl is an alter ego of Natasha and her dramatic performance on Siren Song is one of the highlights of this amazing album. Duality is the main theme here and such allusions will come back from time to time. Bat for Lashes has prepared six massive songs, each and every of them being a material for a single (Siren Song is one of them). The opening Glass is a perfect introduction to the complicated world of Two Suns, full of vivid and impressive imagery. It is also the most epic track. Sleep Alone is less straightforward but has a great icy backing. Daniel, an indie hit, by many is regarded as Bat for Lashes’ best song to date. It is a brilliant homage to the 80’s as well, both in case of music and lyrics. Pearl’s Dream is super danceable but as if it had been reworked by Kate Bush herself. Finally, you have Two Planets. In my humble opinion, this is the greatest song of Two Suns. It pulsates with remarkable energy, whirls with handclaps, electronic bass line and monumental tribal drums. It’s hard to resist while it’s on. What connects all these fantastic tracks is the staggering voice of Natasha. Moreover, Two Suns strike with a beautiful artwork. Why 4, not 5, then? Few ballads feel as fillers, they are dull and do not add anything.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Daniel, Glass, Pearl’s Dream, Siren Song, Sleep Alone, Two Planets

Watch Daniel:


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