Broadcast “Work and Non Work” (1997)

July 15, 2011

With the death of the mysterious Trish Keenan, the history of Broadcast, one of the truly best bands in the world, came to an end. She was not only the face of the group thanks to her role as a vocalist but also the driving force for the four-piece who ended as a duo (Trish was an active writer). Yet she will be remembered for her icy voice – the space vehicle which would take the listener to the journey of outer music. Work and Non Work was Broadcast’s first serious release. It’s not a studio album but nine delicious tracks taken from their singles. You didn’t have to be a music critic to know that something unique was born. Accidentals open the record with a touch of ghostliness. Keenan hovers somewhere above the analogue noise and the strings. The Book Lovers are more earthly but still haunting thanks to a fantastic harpsichord. The occasional drums remind us it’s not a dream. The track fades away with an ambient closure. Phantom is a sci-fi themed instrumental and a fine invitation for the chilly We’ve Got Time, obviously a standout. Lights Out close the LP with a promise of upcoming greatness which happened very early for on Broadcast’s first studio album, The Noise Made by People. This is how the string of staggering, puzzling and ambitious works began.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Accidentals, Lights Out, The Book Lovers, We’ve Got Time

Listen to The Book Lovers:




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