Forest Swords “Dagger Paths” EP (2010)

July 21, 2011

Matthew Barnes, a Briton behind the Forest Swords project, has created a soundtrack for an odd, psychedelic western. Oh, and it happens that it’s simply superb. This mostly instrumental album has everything to make my brain go euphoric: heavy drums, guitars, unintelligible vocals and that sense of space as if it had been made on a desert. If Your Girl is a beautiful yet sad Aaliyah’s cover that transforms from a slow, guitar number into a percussion frenzy. And all that with a wonderful echo effect which only intensifies the track’s depth and the listener’s pleasure. Opener Miarches vibrates around a female voice and a guitar. There’s also an unidentified saw-like beat. Hoylake Misst and Visits are two-part tribal heaven thanks to fantastic drums. But the most inspiring and recommended track is Rattling Cage – that would be the kind of Morricone tune if only he worked with a laptop instead of an orchestra.

hydrameter: 5/5

Key Tracks: If Your Girl, Miarches

Listen to If Your Girl:


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