Foster the People “Torches” (2011)

August 15, 2011

The debut album by Foster the People is being advertised as “the soundtrack to your summer”. It is true only if you happen to listen to MGMT. The comparison to the indie pop mavericks is inevitable as not only the songs on Torches sound similar to those on Oracular Spectacular but also the bandmates of both groups sing in the same manner. What does it mean? Expect catchy and light choruses, some psychedelia here and there and your limbs shaking to the beat. Everything seems fine during the first listen and one shouldn’t be surprised of the LP’s success. However, Foster the People have simply taken the place on the throne which was empty. MGMT stepped aside and delivered a more mature and complex sound on their second album. Frankly, I doubt whether Foster the People can do the same as their tracks are lively, yet they tend to be calculated.

hydrameter: 2/5

Key Tracks: Helena Beat, Pumped Up Kicks

Watch Pumped Up Kicks


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