Broadcast “The Noise Made by People” (2000)

August 16, 2011

The Noise Made by People is the first proper album by the English retro-futurists Broadcast. And it is also one of their best. The Noise gets its excellence in two elements: the usage of analogue techniques with modern recording and the haunting vocals by the late Trish Keenan. Her voice seems to guide us through the bleak mood of the songs like a light in the tunnel. A rather feeble light indeed. The band’s fascination with the ’60s is obvious, yet the group’s sound is as innovative as it is unique. Few chords and one can easily recognise Broadcast. Various electronic effects enrich their tracks without making them chaotic and incoherent. The album has no lows and plenty of highs. Echo’s Answer is simultaneously delicate and astounding, and if you listen carefully you might hear the abyss recorded. The more direct Papercuts introduce a joyous vibe. And finally whenever I hear You Can Fall the song sends shivers down my spine. A perfect score for a low-budget sci-fi? As long as it is cult classic.

hydrameter: 5/5

Key Tracks: City in Progress, Echo’s Answer, Papercuts, Unchanging Window, Until Then, You Can Fall

Watch Papercuts:


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