Toro Y Moi “Underneath the Pine” (2011)

August 19, 2011

Toro Y Moi surpasses expectations as he comes back with even better no. 2. It’s still chillwave but with clearly audible funk and indie pop elements. It starts strong with three excellent tracks. Intro / Chi Chi is a little bit odd but has that psychedelic flavour which makes it irresistible. New Beat is more straightforward (good choice for a single) and Go With You combines drums and electronic beats to a great result. Lyrics oscillate around love, naturally. However, it’s Chazwick Bundick’s world and hapiness often ends with loneliness as he sings on beautiful Still Sound: There was a finer life when you were with us here / And we knew there was a next time / That’s what I still want now / Even if I’m here and I think that you won’t be waiting. Toro Y Moi proves that all good music listeners should keep up with him as with such a talent he’ll deliver his third LP soon and it’s going to be as great as this one, no doubt.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Go With You, Intro / Chi Chi, New Beat, Still Sound

Watch New Beat:


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