Baths “Cerulean” (2010)

August 24, 2011

Will Wiesenfeld is only 22 but many veterans should envy him his catalogue. And he’s just at the beginning of his career. Now working under a stage name Baths (he was previously known as [Post-Foetus]), Will released his debut LP last year. Baths claims he’s obsessed with Björk and you can deduce that he’s listened to Vespertine more than once. If Björk’s album was of a night time, Cerulean is rather of a daylight. It’s less meditative and introvert. Crack is the basic sound used here, like on the glorious Lovely Bloodflow which lyrics may (or not) be about passionate sex: Kick up my shit, you wanna / Rustle these leaves / Get me so red, you wanna / Ruffle these feathers. It seems that Baths made a sequel to his idol minimal Cocoon. Check out the thrilling videos for both tracks and melt with awe.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Lovely Bloodflow, Plea, Rafting Starlit Everglades

Watch Lovely Bloodflow:


3 Responses to “Baths “Cerulean” (2010)”

  1. c(o)unt said

    how came you up with a conclusion that Lovely Bloodflow is about sex? you’re so naughty

  2. c(o)unt said

    now I’m confused. Whatever you say. Wait! does it mean that straight people don’t like good sex? Strange. Shame on their children 😛

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