Twin Sister “Color Your Life” EP (2010)

August 24, 2011

Twin Sister is an American band from Long Island who released their first EP titled Vampires with Dreaming Kids in 2008. They play indie pop with noticeable dream pop elements. At times they evoke neo-psychedelic experiments of Broadcast, especially in instrumental Galaxy Plateau and opening The Other Side of Your Face. Stereolab may also come in mind. Nevertheless, Twin Sister have their very own sound and a noteworthy singer, Andrea Estella. Milk & Honey is a distant cousin of Sat in Your Lap by Kate Bush but it’s less percussive and deals with different subject. In the guitar parts reverberates an echo of Forest Swords. Phenomenons is optimistic and relaxing thanks to a floating electronic backing. Finally, Color Your Life wouldn’t be that good without All Around and Away We Go. It’s superb. No surprise it was chosen by Pitchfork as the 59th best song of 2010.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: All Around and Away We Go, Milk & Honey, Phenomenons

Watch All Around and Away We Go:


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