Broadcast “Haha Sound” (2003)

August 25, 2011

Haha Sound is considered Broadcast’s masterpiece. While it’s definitely not my favourite, it’s still fantastic, a work of musicians who know how to use their talent in full. This already being a classic of electronica, Haha Sound finds the band in a peculiar moment. The song structure reminds The Noise Made by People; however, Broadcast begin to evolve a new sound which takes a surprising turn on their next electrifying LP, Tender Buttons. This record is ghostly, mysterious, yet unexpectedly forceful. Man Is Not a Bird is a true rumble, the drumming simply paralyses. On the other hand, Before We Begin is a charming lost track from the ’60s. Finally, the best things come to those who wait. Hawk, which closes the record, is probably the best song by Broadcast. Gloomy and hypnotic, it makes me fall into a trance whenever I listen to it. The sonic explorers blend harpsichord, percussion, electronic beats and Trish Keenan’s subtle voice to a stunning result.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Before We Begin, Hawk, Man Is Not a Bird, Pendulum

Listen to Before We Begin:

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