St. Vincent “Strange Mercy” (2011)

September 17, 2011

On Strange Mercy St. Vincent finally releases her inner freak. While it’s hard to tell if it’s her best album yet, it is definitely the oddest. Take Northern Lights which morph from a heavy rock track into a psychedelic eruption of what’s the song’s title. Unfortunately, Annie plays the same trick too often as it is the finale that usually witnesses her “crazy” side (it all starts in the opening Chloe in the Afternoon). Still, Strange Mercy is one of the best pop albums you’ll hear this year. It’s also surprisingly melancholic as if the rising star of indie pop and rock had few reasons to celebrate. Two best tracks, however, are of a light side. Cruel is an intense pure pop zest (even if it touches rather important subject), while Surgeon is funky as hell. Again, lyrics are brilliant, not just skillful but cool in their sinisterness. Can I say no to Best, finest surgeon / Come cut me open ?

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Chloe in the Afternoon, Cruel, Northern Lights, Surgeon

Watch Cruel:


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