The Week That Was “The Week That Was” (2008)

November 3, 2011

These guys must have listened to Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel a lot. Learn to Learn sounds like a b-side or a demo from The Dreaming thanks to some thundering drums that play the lead part. The Week That Was make sophisticated pop, equally good for brain and soul. What I mean is they are very British. The LP consists of just 8 songs yet there is plenty to absorb. The mentioned track is radical and the band do everything to keep up the good work. On The Good Life they create a fantastic atmosphere by synth line and… cowbells. Does this eccentricity sound familiar? The vibraphone on It’s All Gone Quiet astonishes as well. Come Home is a beautiful ballad on which an angelic female choir joins the male singer as the track begins to fade. The pace rises again on the closing Scratch the Surface. The Week That Was show only one facet of the British music’s spectrum and they make it with wit and charm.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: It’s All Gone Quiet, Learn to Learn, Scratch the Surface, The Good Life

Watch Learn to Learn:


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