Broadcast “The Future Crayon” (2006)

November 17, 2011

The Future Crayon is the second compilation album by Broadcast which entered the music market one year after the unbelievable Tender Buttons. It gathers various tracks and b-sides previously released on EPs and singles. Many bands would sacrifice their drummers for some of those songs for almost none of them feel like a work of poorer quality. While there are no standouts like You Can Fall, Hawk or Black Cat, The Future Crayon is a very coherent and enjoyable listen. Most of the tracks are instrumental and they witness band’s eagerness to experiment. The first song, Illumination, is a standard Broadcast tune with Trish’s stable yet mesmeric voice playing the main role. She is even better on Distant Call. Here, the singer is only accompanied with drums and analogue echo (piano turns up later). The third non-instrumental track worth mentioning is called Poem of a Dead Song. One of the most adventurous works is Hammer Without a Master (great title). Chord Simple is very melancholic and beautiful. Finally, Dave’s Dream is quite a psychedelic odyssey through some intriguing mind(s). The Future Crayon might feel too long but this is the basic feature of a compilation.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Chord Simple, Dave’s Dream, Distant Call, Hammer Without a Master, Illumination, Poem of a Dead Song

Listen to Illumination:


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