Rihanna “Talk That Talk” (2011)

November 22, 2011

We have already known that Rihanna likes spanking. Talk That Talk, album number six, extends our knowledge about the sexual habits of the Barbados Minister of Tourism: Suck my cockiness / Lick my persuasion (…) I love it when you eat it. Elsewhere she sings We All Want Love. So it’s business as usual, Rihanna sticking to the sex/love/sex theme. However, considering the fact she is a single, not album artist (just like Britney, Beyoncé, etc.), it is surprising how strong Talk That Talk is (far better than 2010 Loud). The four opening tracks are flawless, hot and ready-for-the-dancefloor. You Da One is one of the lightest offerings by Rihanna and has roots in reggae. Where Have You Been demands a club treatment. The lead song We Found Love seems to be ubiquitous and mostly its attention is fair. Talk That Talk featuring Jay-Z is basically Rude Boy, Pt. 2. So far, so good, yet there are no such instant classics as Only Girl (In the World) or What’s My Name? Extra points for sampling The xx on Drunk on Love.

hydrameter: 3/5

Key Tracks: Drunk on Love, Talk That Talk, We Found Love, Where Have You Been, You Da One

Watch We Found Love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg00YEETFzg&ob=av2e


One Response to “Rihanna “Talk That Talk” (2011)”

  1. who am I to judge? said

    Nice album. Easy on ear unlike her previous CDs, although there is evident lack of energy in some songs. She should sing moooooooore ’cause in her case her voice only gets better with time. Finally she doesn’t sound like scratching nails on a blackboard. Good sides: “Where Have You Been”, “We All Want Love”, “Farewell”. Bad sides: “You da One” – Rihanna shouldn’t pretend that she can sing in reggae style, it’s terrible. ; “Cockiness” (the guy in background is just annoying), “Fool In Love” – the bit is great but the awful manner of singing is back.Eek! Coming To the conclusion – it’s all about hot, steaming sex right? so now get on your knees and turn around. Rihanna’s gonna claim you!

    my fever : 309 [K] – I’m ok 🙂

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