The Weeknd “Thursday” (2011)

December 3, 2011

Thursday is the second (and probably not the last one) mixtape by The Weeknd released in 2011. House of Balloons may have High for This but it is Thursday that shows Abel as unstoppable. The problem with House was its meditation mood and slow pace. Here, everything goes smoothly. Lonely Star is a fine song that sets the tone for the whole album while The Zone features Drake, The Weeknd’s mentor, but you have to wait a moment for the real treasures. The Birds is a two-part marvel: Part 1 has a superb marching beat and Part 2 would not feel out of place on a Tarantino soundtrack. Rolling Stone successfully combines acoustic guitar and a returning drum-like sound. I hope that The Weeknd will end his puzzling trilogy with the strongest link.

hydrameter: 3/5

Key Tracks: Rolling Stone, The Birds Part 1, The Birds Part 2

Listen to Rolling Stone:


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