Guest review by thecrimson: Blessthefall “Awakening” (2011)

December 13, 2011

The most awaited longplay from Blessthefall showed up this autumn. Awakening, because that was the album’s title, was supposed to be the twin sister of Witness from 2009 A.D.. Well, there is a lot of similarity between those two albums, but I can’t shake off this feeling that Blessthefall chose a shortcut instead of taking a HIGHway. Sure, there are some polished, dynamic guitar riffs, Beau’s vocals mixed with Jared’s screams and everything else what makes Witness a great album. However, like everywhere in life, there are BUTs. First of all, the songs are predictable. Yeah, we’ve heard all of it on Witness. Is it bad or good? You should answer yourself. Certainly there is an evident lack of creativity. Secondly, I really like Jared’s vocals. Really. And it hurts me that he plays (vocally) less important part than before. Beau’s vocals are clean, but (for me) a little chafing. Thirdly, Blessthefall can’t write memorable and powerful choruses. Chorus is (right next to the instrumental base) the core of the song. It decides of song’s popularity and, be honest, often is the reason why it plays in our speakers (and minds) repeatedly. It’s been a while since I listened to Awakening and, frankly, I remember like three choruses (from first three songs excluding the self-titled Awakening). The rest is annoying (again too much Beau’s vocals) or dry as dust. The biggest BUT applies to lyrics. Let’s just say that 40 Days… sounds like one of Bieber’s “works of art”. On some songs I can’t find logical relations between the verses and how they relate to the song as a whole. It feels like some of them were written only to fill the gaps. The only lyrics that really appeal to me are those from Meet Me at the Gates. To sum up, Awakening includes all the virtues of Witness but it also shallows them. If you like their previous release, you most certainly like the new one, but if you are tired of the same schemes and search for something new, you will be very disappointed. It looks like Blessthefall got stuck in one place with no intention of moving on.

YES! : I’m Bad News, in the Best Way, Bottomfeeder 

NO! : 40 Days…, Don’t Say Goodbye

Earned C-

Listen to Bottomfeeder:


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