Frank Ocean “nostalgia, ULTRA.” (2011)

December 14, 2011

This delicious mixtape by Frank Ocean of the alternative hip-hop collective called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (or simply OFWGKTA) should show all those idiots what R&B is capable of. nostalgia, ULTRA. is powerful and clever in an unprecedented way but bear in mind that Tyler, The Creator is one of Ocean’s mates. Over samples (or rather full songs) from the likes of Radiohead or Mr Hudson, Frank takes us on a journey back in time. So, get into that orange 1980s BMW, fasten the seat belt and enjoy. Strawberry Swing begins the album with a sentimental note yet Ocean exceeds Chris Martin’s performance easily. Novacane, the lead single accompanied by a great video, finds superb vocals supported by even better beats. It is one of the finest moments in black music in 2011. Songs 4 Women has a joyous bleep straight out of Kirby video game. The mood changes with LoveCrimes on which the character played by Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut by Kubrick speaks of millions of years of evolution next to security, and commitment, and whatever the fuck else. American Wedding borrows from… Eagles’ Hotel California but the result is a seven minute long tale of love and sadness. Deep shit. The closing Nature Feels is the second highlight from nostalgia. It would be impossible to outdo Electric Feel by MGMT so Ocean croons and adds some female oohs and aahs and, voila, a star is born.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: American Wedding, LoveCrimes, Nature Feels, Novacane, Songs 4 Women, Strawberry Swing

Watch Novacane:


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