2011 Summary: Best Artwork

December 19, 2011

The time has come. It’s hydra’s turn to recap this wonderful year (and I knew it would be like this!). Let’s start with 15 Best Artwork, tomorrow I will present 25 Best Videos, on Wednesday – 50 Best Tracks, and finally on Thursday I will close 2011 Summary with 30 Best Albums. Now, look without fear…


Austra Feel It Break


Björk Biophilia


James Blake James Blake (Digipack Deluxe Edition)


Cities Aviv Digital Lows


Cults Cults


Gang Gang Dance Eye Contact


The Horrors Skying


Laurel Halo Hour Logic EP


Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes


Low C’mon


Mastodon The Hunter


John Maus We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves


Panda Bear Tomboy


Peaking Lights 936


Radiohead The King of Limbs


3 Responses to “2011 Summary: Best Artwork”

  1. XXZ Zombie feminists forces of North Korean said

    They’re coming to get you M. Radiohead sucks. I hate the vocals and riffs are dull. Meaningless. Don’t understand the fascination. These oceans are far between our music taste. But that’s ok. There is a lot of things I don’t comprehend about this world. I only liked Gang Gang Dance “Eye Contact” (but the girl’s voice reminds me of pedophile, I don’t know why…) and Björk (for the lyrics).

  2. XXZ Zombie feminists forces of North Korean said

    Sorry I didn’t notice. Was a little bit drunk and had an orgy with my roommate. Pretty intense one. Well the cover sucks too. It’s disturbin’ ,Low C’mon, I mean. Click, click – sth in my brain.

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