It may be a little hard for Missy Elliott to regain the crown for the Queen of Hip-Hop taking into account the current star status of Nicki Minaj. Pink Friday performed extremely well and became one of the most talked about rap albums in a while. Yet, full of A-list appearances (Drake, Eminem, Kanye, Rihanna, and others) and perfectly produced, it disappointed some people. It is just they expected something different. The cover depicting the Trinidadian-born rapper as a Barbie did not come as ironic. Indeed, many of those tracks are of bubblegum nature as the whole LP turns in pop direction way too often. There is nothing wrong with sweet beats: Super Bass is simply excellent and no wonder it became Minaj’s signature tune. However, as almost any hip-hop album, Pink Friday is long and that dose of electropop makes it feel sugary and ultimately sickly. Still, Nicki begins strong with high spiritis of I’m the Best which is followed by even better Roman’s Revenge. On this fierce tune Minaj morphs into Roman Zolanski, one of her alter-egos. Roman is gay, lunatic and raah, raah, like a dungeon dragon – I can only wish he would come by more often. Surprisingly, Eminem’s lines (here as Slim Shady) are not irksome; his anger suits the song perfectly. On the other hand, there are two powerful ballads on Friday that demand extra attention: the drum’n’bass Save Me and the brilliantly Annie-Lennox’s-NoMoreILoveYou’s-sampled Your Love. If you want to buy this record, make sure you’ll go for the deluxe edition as it contains the mentioned Super Bass (the best thing here) and Muny whose electric guitar intro is especially appreciated. It is a shame that those tracks were pushed out in favour of some mediocre tunes from the second half of the LP.

hydrameter: 3/5

Key Tracks: I’m the Best, Muny, Roman’s Revenge, Save Me, Super Bass, Your Love

Watch Super Bass: