Baths makes electronic music, Björk is his favourite singer and he’s gay. What’s there not to love about him? Pop Music / False B-Sides isn’t really his second album but a collection of post-Cerulean songs. His debut was fantastic and I’ve got two news concerning this release. The bad news is there is no masterpiece such as Lovely Bloodflow but to outdo it seems quite hard (well, he’s talented and he’ll figure this out). The good news is, however, that Will’s latest offering surpasses Cerulean. His sound is more polished and less chopped this time. Almost half of the LP is instrumental and there is a refreshing sense of space given to these tracks. The opening Pop Song is still glitchy and serves as an anchor to the Baths’ past. It’s also a distant cousin to Atlas Sound’s Quick Canal, another pretty loud song. Nordic Laurel, on the other hand, is more glo-fi and suits Will just fine. Computer music is more about sounds than words yet Iniuria Palace is a truly striking story with a moral that All the classical music in the world / Cannot weep as deeply as a brokenhearted teenager. Elsewhere, there are links to The xx (Tatami) or Flying Lotus (Flux). Singing is another highlight, Baths operates his voice at ease. I’m happy that Will decided to gather all those gems.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Iniuria Palace, Nordic Laurel, Pop Song

Listen to Pop Song: