The fearless alchemists of music, Gang Gang Dance, released RAWWAR between God’s Money and Saint Dymphna. It’s got only three tracks but it’s surely not short of ideas. Nicoman announces the upcoming attractions of Dymphna (2008). Oxygen Demo Riddim is instrumental, it evidently shows GGD as a band that can both accomplish pop sensibility and urge for exploration. The track has blizzard synths and counts down to something unexpected, hard to tell if it’s gonna be good or evil. What we can hear at the end is a thunderbolt. Finally, the closing The Earthquake That Frees Prisoners is their most dreamy and disturbing effort here. The voice speaking belongs to Nathan Maddox, the deceased member of GGD. He was killed by a lightning… RAWWAR is a familiar terrain but it’s also a séance.

hydrameter: 4/5

Key Tracks: Nicoman, Oxygen Demo Riddim

Listen to Nicoman: